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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

CVS Photo - Get 50% Off Posters & 33% Off Invitations!

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Free shipping for ship-to-store orders of $5 or more.

Monday, June 28, 2010

July HALO for Pets Coupons

$2.00 off any bag of Spot's Stew - For dogs or cats. Good through August 15, 2010
$5.00 off any 30 lb bag of Spot's Stew - For dogs or cats. Good through August 15, 2010
$1.00 off any can of Spot's Stew - For dogs or cats. Good through August 15, 2010
$1.00 off any pouch of treats - For dogs or cats. Good through August 15, 2010
You can find these at

There's also still time to take advantage of HALO for Pets' June coupons, which expire June 30th!

Today's Walgreens SCORE!!!

2 liter bottle of Diet Pepsi - $1.99 plus $0.05 bottle deposit and $0.18 NYC sales tax ($2.22)
ActII Microwave Popcorn 3 pack - $1.99
Dozen eggs - $1.49

LESS a $5.00 Walgreens Register Reward from a previous purchase.

Actual total spent - Only $0.70 for all of the above items! It pays to save those Register Rewards!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday's All You Grocery Challenge Results, and MORE!

Okay, so yesterday, I ended up spending $8.51 of my $25.00 weekly allowance. $7.52 as mentioned in yesterday's blog entry, plus an additional $0.99 for my weekly post-weigh-in bag of Doritos. As far as the weigh-in, I stayed the same as last week. Considering the heat, humidity and that slice of pepperoni pizza I had for lunch, I'm very happy with that!

Today's spend was $2.49 on a 3-bag box of Orville Redenbacher's 94% Fat Free Butter popcorn. It was originally $3.99, but I had a $1.50/1 Walgreens Register Rewards coupon, courtesy of a previous popcorn shopping trip. The cost per serving is $0.83, but I know I'll definitely eat all three bags between tonight and Saturday night. So, my total spent to-date is $11.00. This leaves me $14.00 to spend between tonight and Saturday night. WOOHOO!!! Time for a party, LOL!!!

On another note, those new to this blog will see that I've added some new features, including a coupon survey! I'm considering adding more coupon links and blog entries, but before I do, I want to make sure that the information will be useful to my readers. Most important is the question about internet coupons. My primary supermarket will not accept them (as I found out last year the hard way), but I found out this afternoon that I can use them in my local Walgreens (at least I was able to use one today). I never knew this, because in the past, I don't think they accepted them. Then again, maybe they just like me because I'm in there almost every day. I am the Mayor of my local Walgreens on FourSquare - that should tell you something about the exciting life I lead! The coupon survey ( ends on July 31st, so be sure to vote!

The other new item on my blog is the "Carol's Shared Items" section, which lists the five most recent items I've shared on Google Reader, which I'm still learning how to use. I subscribe to feeds from several coupon and freebie sites, and when I find an item that I think is worth passing along, I'll share it there. Once the coupon survey is complete, I'll post another survey on freebies in August.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday's All You Grocery Challenge Results and EverNotes

Tuesday was another stockpile day, with a total spent of $0.00.
  • Breakfast consisted of a package of instant Quaker Lower Sugar Oatmeal in Maple Brown Sugar, with a mid-morning snack of non-fat yogurt.
  • Lunch was absolutely delicious - sliced turkey and jack cheese, on a Mission Jalapeno wrap, with lettuce and some free chipotle Sandwich Shop Mayo, courtesy of Kraft's First Taste program.
  • Dinner wasn't the most exciting, salad, light blue cheese dressing and leftover macaroni and cheese.
  • My late night snack was the usual bag of microwave popcorn.
Today is my weekly day in the office (gotta love telecommuting!), so I've actually spent some money on food. It's not that I don't have enough stockpiled food to bring in, I just want my 20 oz. hazelnut coffees and more importantly, my weekly slice of pepperoni pizza! It's my treat to myself for having to deal with the subway crazies. So, I now actually have two, soon to be three, receipts to file, for a total today of around $7.52. In addition to saving the actual receipts, I'm also using Evernote and my Blackberry's camera to store a copy of them in a publicly shared Evernote notebook, at As time goes on, this notebook will include receipts, recipes, notes and other items related to the challenge, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Free Country Music Playlist on iTunes

Courtesy of People Magazine, an iTunes playlist of 11 country music songs, featuring Merle Haggard, Point of Grace, Trailer Choir, 4Troops and others.
Valid through 8/06/2010.

Monday's All You Grocery Challenge

Nothing overly exciting, aside from it being another $0.00 day.
  • Breakfast was a bowl of stockpiled Raisin Bran and fat-free milk, along with a cup of coffee.
  • Lunch was a stockpiled Morningstar Farms chick patty, with a slice of veggie cheese on an Arnold Sandwich Thin.
  • For an afternoon snack I had a single-serving container of Yoplait Whippps Chocolate Mousse yogurt.
  • Dinner was a salad with light blue cheese dressing, and a serving of Kraft Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese, which I "bought" with a free product coupon from Kraft's First Taste program.
  • Evening snack was a bag of stockpiled light butter microwave popcorn.
So, I stayed within my Weight Watchers POINTS, and had a $0.00 spending day!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Today's All You Grocery Challenge Results

Today was a $0.00 day for me! Everything I've eaten today has been from my stockpile:-)

I woke up later than usual, so I skipped breakfast and just had coffee, with stockpiled supplies. Lunch was Kraft Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese that I got free with a coupon from Kraft's First Taste program, and dinner was a tossed salad with lettuce, tomatoes (purchased Friday) and blue cheese dressing from my stockpile with a Morningstar Farms veggie burger on an Arnold Sandwich Thin, also from my stockpile.

My late night TV snack will be a bag of microwave popcorn, also from my stockpile.

Total spent today=$0.00

It's HERE!!! The All You Magazine Grocery Challenge!!!

Today is Day 1 of the All You Magazine Grocery Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to feed your family healthy meals for $25.00 per person, per week for a month. Since my household currently consists of one person and two felines, that translates into a $25.00/week food budget for myself.

One great thing is that using previously stockpiled food counts as $0.00 for any stockpiled item, and I have a nice little stockpile going right now! As a means of documenting my stockpile, I've uploaded photos of it to an online photo album both on Picasa and on facebook.

I think I'm going to do things a little differently this year, as far as keeping track of my meals and costs per serving. Since I really need to do this anyway, I'm going to track my meals in my Weight Watchers Online POINTS Tracker. As far as recording my purchases and receipts, I haven't yet decided if I'm going to do this using Google Docs and blog entries, or a combination of Google Docs, blog entries and Evernote (or some other online organizational tool). It may be trial and error the first week, until I find the combination that's easiest to update and maintain regularly.

So far, everything today has been from the stockpile, and I have no plans to go outside in this heat. So, my total cost for today is looking like $0.00!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Free NeilMed Nasal Drops

Purchase NeilMed® NasaDrops™ at your local CVS pharmacy, fill out and print the form below. Mail it along with your original UPC code, and obtain a 100% refund. Products must be purchased between June 10, 2010 and July 15, 2010 and submitted by July 31, 2010.

Free Windex® Summer Gift Pack!

Windex® Summer Gift Pack! - Right@Home™ Offers

First 4,000* to respond will receive a Windex™ Outdoor All-in-One Glass Cleaning Tool Starter Kit and a bonus cleaning pad.

Each gift pack contains:
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Get Two Free Issues of All You Magazine

Currently, newsstand copies of All You magazine are only available in WalMart stores. However, you can get two free trial issues delivered to you via their web site.

Just go to their web site at and click on the "Free Trial" link on the right-hand side of the page. Fill in the online form, and select the "bill me later" option if you're not sure whether you want to subscribe or not yet. Personally, I think you'll love the magazine. I originally subscribed through a fundraiser for my niece's school four years ago, and I've been a subscriber ever since. It's full of great tips, fashion ideas and money-saving coupons for real women like me who can't afford a $600.00 handbag:-)

Become an Arizona Tea Ambassador

Become an Arizona Tea Ambassador to receive exclusive items and discounts.

Click on the PROMOS tab at the top right of their home page at Or, if you are not able to see the tabs at the top (I had some difficulty seeing them using FireFox), you can go directly to the page at

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