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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where to Get Free Samples

Below are a few places you can check regularly for free sample offers:'s Free Samples Page - I've received several free samples from, and their selection changes regularly. Sometimes there are food samples, and others, like this week, seem to be health and beauty samples. Their samples for cereals are enough for a single serving, which are great for taking to work for breakfast!

Hey, It's Free! - - I really like this site! Goob provides info on freebies that you can actually use, as opposed to, say, a free Spider Identification Chart (which some people might use, but I'm not one of them). He also does it in a highly humorous way, and shares pictures of the freebies received each week. So, you get some freebies and some free laughs as a bonus. - A collection of free samples from various sources online.

Join the ALL YOU Magazine Grocery Challenge!

I've decided to try this again this year! The ALL YOU Grocery Challenge ( - for four weeks, try to feed your family well-balanced meals for no more than $25.00 per person, per week.

Fill out and submit the online registration form no later than June 16th. The challenge starts on June 20th. The finalist who adheres to the budget and makes the most creative and healthy choices will will $1,000.00 and appear in ALL YOU Magazine!

Similar to last year, I'll be sharing tips and online tools that were/are helpful to me as I go along, so stay tuned! If you decide to join the challenge, post a comment on my facebook page and let me know!

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