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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Check Your Supermarket's Internet Coupon Policy

I found this one out the hard way about a year or so ago.

My local supermarket had always accepted the coupons I had downloaded and printed from the internet in the past. So, I went grocery shopping as I normally would, and had added quite a few items with internet coupons to my shopping cart. When I got to the register, I was informed that, due to some instances of fraud, they no longer accepted internet coupons. I asked to see the manager, because nowhere was any information on this policy change posted where shoppers could see it upon entering the store. The manager was very nice, and I suggested that, since they had accepted internet coupons up until recently, they post a very visible sign about the change in store policy at the front door. That way, shoppers would know before they got to the register with all their coupons.

But, lesson learned - check your supermarket's internet coupon policy before you download a whole bunch of them. Not only will you save yourself some aggravation, you'll save yourself some printer ink, too!


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