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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Some of My Money-saving Tips

I join store and product loyalty programs! I've saved a bundle on groceries with my Waldbaum's card, CVS card and now with my Rite Aid card. I've signed up for cards with all of the supermarkets in my area, and keep the small ones on my keychain so that I always have them with me. I also participate in Rite Aid's Video Values program, where you can earn coupons and register rewards by watching short advertisment videos. PLUS with product loyalty programs, you get extra coupons and sometimes free product samples.

I also read my local store circulars when they're delivered on Thursdays to see what's going on sale Sunday, and plan ahead. Then, I look through the coupons in my Couponizer to see which (if any) items have manufacturers coupons and/or store coupons or register rewards good for that week. I combine coupons and register rewards wherever possible. This week, I used Walgreens register rewards to get $5.70 worth of items for only $0.70!

Certain things go on sale regularly at least once a month, like my Maxwell House French Roast coffee and Weight Watchers/Lean Cuisine meals, so I wait until they do, and then I stock up and use coupons to save even more!


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